Guns For Good

My journey to become a full-time Instructor, a gun rights advocate, and the President of a Kids safety Organization began with a moment. Back in 2013, I faced a scary situation where I had a violent encounter with an intruder. I was unarmed, it was dark and cold. It was me and him, I did not know if he had a weapon or anything that could have caused me serious physical harm. I will never forget the emotion that came over me, I could win or I could lose. It was in that moment that I made the conscious decision to win. I struck and swept his legs while doing a judo throw. He didn’t know what hit him! It was quick, violent, and overwhelming. It was primal. We went to the ground and I, fortunately, ended up on top of him. That is where the panic set in, I was alone and unarmed. I had left my firearm in the house with my coffee. I was just going to start my truck, what’s the worst that could happen, right? WRONG!! It was in that moment I began yelling for help as we struggled on the ground. It was a lonely feeling. Finally after struggling and fighting with him for 10 minutes on the ground, which literally seemed like an eternity. My girlfriend at the time finally awoke to my screams for help and grabbed my pistol gripped shotgun. I will never forget the sight of her coming around the front of my truck with her cell phone and that pistol gripped shotgun. You see the pistol grip is often demonized by the media and corrupt politicians. The pistol grip is a feature that allowed her to control the muzzle and call 911. He gave up, I finally had control. The cops came 8 minutes later. 8 cars, 8 flashing lights, none of our neighbors woke up. He was arrested and released within an hour.

This scary situation started me on my journey to get to where I am today. As traumatic as it was, I’m thankful for the experience. This situation has shown me how important a firearm for personal protection is. I made it my mission to tell the public my story and to help others take responsibility for their own safety. Guns aren’t inherently bad they are good. It’s evil intent that makes them dangerous. In these challenging times, it is really important to own a firearm and to train with it!! Our law enforcement is at max capacity, society is crumbling around us and it’s the firearm that could literally be the difference between life and death. Your family depends on you to defend them at all times. A new firearm can be an intimidating experience. Comfort will come in time with proper education, it really is a family affair. As you incorporate a firearm in your life for personal protection, it’s really important to educate your children about the possible dangers. The Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation is a great resource for your family.

A new firearm, gear, and proper storage for your firearm is an investment in the safety of your family. A bigger investment is good training. Training can be the difference between winning and losing when your life is on the line. Mindset is critical, you have made it habitual, though. Take it from me, it is that one time that you’re going to need a firearm and if you don’t have it. It is going to be a bad day. DON’T be me!! It will be a situation that will change your life forever, hopefully with the proper mindset. You will come out on top. Training and preparing your mind, body, and soul will help you. I pray that I will never have to use my gun in a defensive situation, but I prepare just in case. I think of it as an Insurance policy. Hopefully one I will never have to use. My mindset helps prevent that because of ways I can analyze and de-escalate a potentially dangerous situation. Good training can help you do this as well. The way we choose to interact or react with one another can also help you avoid conflict. I will share more tips in future blog posts.

In closing we will be putting out more and more content across many different platforms. It is our goal to give you the tips, tools, and tactics for you to WIN! We want you to be your own first responder, no one is coming to save you. You are alone, will you have what it takes to win? If you can’t answer the unequivocally as a YES, we canhelp. You can find a complete list of classes on our website. We can also help you secure your home or place of business with our Security Audits. Until next time.Confidence. Grows. Here.