The Gun Control Loophole

I had the privilege of flying out to the east coat at the end of October 2020, right before the election. I flew to Boston to meet up with a good friend and fellow gun rights advocate Charlie Cook. Charlie is the host of Riding Shotgun with Charlie a pro 2A
podcaster, he also does Gun Grams. The Gun Gram are really cool it’s where he plays a trumpet while he shoots a gun. Both are on YouTube and a few videos have been viewed nearly 20 million times around the world. I met Charlie a few years ago at GRPC and we have been friends ever since. The term “Gun Control Loophole” is a term he coined and it refers to all the different ways those who would try to disarm the public, use verbiage to actually restrict our rights. In America we do NOT have a gun problem, we have an uneducated ruling class problem!! They write horrible legislation about a topic that they know nothing about. These are feel good measures that will do nothing to save lives but, are more of an annoyance to those that follow the law than they are worth.

What I found as I investigated the gun laws in MA is patchwork of gun laws. These very laws make it nearly impossible to be compliant nor were they designed to protect lawful gun owners. These laws were written by those that have ZERO clue what the average gun owner goes through daily to own or carry a concealed firearm for a defensive purpose. These laws are down right dangerous. I follow data closely, I study the CDC data and other sources as well. My goal is to be able to be present factual data that can be used to either support the importance of children’s firearm safety or to prove the gun control is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people. Everywhere in the country where this experiment in gun control has been tried, it has failed, period!

What I found interesting and maddening about MA was that residents had to have 3.5 permits just to own or carry a firearm for Personal protection. MA residents have to have a permit to just own a firearm. They then will need a separate permit just to carry a concealed firearm. There is then levels to the permit process. They have endorsements that allow residents to carry different weapons in public. Magazine capacity is set at 10 rounds.

Oregon Revised Statute

I started writing this blog post on my return flight back to Oregon. As tough as it is here politically right now and how left our state is, we really have it good here in regards to gun laws. Oregon residents with a valid concealed can carry almost everywhere legally authorized under ORS (Oregon Revised Statute.) We can carry a 17 round magazine if we see fit. There are no restrictions currently, for now!! As lawful gun owners we are our own worst enemies, we get busy with life and don’t pay attention to what our legislators are doing to restrict our rights. Apathy is something that effects all of us in the 2A community. We get busy with life and don’t pay attention to ever changing laws. There is outside money and evil groups that are determined to disarm all of us. We cannot allow this to happen. These groups in one message say they want to defund the police, then with the next message make it harder for lawful gun owners to be able to defend themselves and their families. This is unacceptable. We have to stay engaged.

Gun Control by its very nature is racist and sexist. Those that are effected at a higher percentage are those in an urban environment and with women. Both demographics have a higher mortality rate because of bad policies and rates of restriction. High crime rates make citizens vulnerable in an urban environment. DV or violent crimes make women more vulnerable than men and the likelihood both groups would need a firearm for lawful self defense is greater. Data is an important tool. It can be used to prove that Gun Control is actually more dangerous than its worth. The 2020 election is coming up fast. It’s important that we all get out and VOTE. We cannot leave anything to chance. While I will never try to influence you how to vote, I am a single issue voter. I will be voting with my guns. My guns are my livelihood, part of my lifestyle, and something I will not compromise on. I know one candidate and one party will try to disarm me, the other will NOT. It is an important distinction between the two, know the difference. Gun control is a way for some to pretend that they “Care” and that they are trying to do something. They also fundraise off of this false premise. We are at a pivotal point in our great nation, evil forces want to fundamentally change the fabric of our society. The only thing that prevents us from from being subjects or to be ruled is our ability to be armed. Our founding fathers were brilliant people because they experienced tyranny. The second amendment was written on our behalf as US citizens, to protect us from overreach of the government. I’m not saying that we need to overthrow the government, I’m just saying We The People need to exercise the rights afforded us under the constitution.

In closing its important we stay engaged, get involved, make sure we stay up to date with possible anti-gun legislation on a state and federal level. I know it is a lot of work, we are all working hard to provide for our families, but they will never stop!! So, buy a firearm, know how to use it safely, protect your families, and stay involved. Until next time. Confidence. Grows. Here.