A Tale of 425 Million Guns

As I sit here thinking about how to word this blog post, I reflect on the tragedy that has been 2020. We have seen it all. We saw worldwide pandemic, rioting, societal unrest, and a contested election. That literally will decide the fate of our country and especially our gun rights going forward. One thing that we have learned from 2020 is that our AR15 and 30 round Magazine is more relevant now, than any other time in the history of our country. We have put our faith in politicians believing that they would govern the way our founding fathers intended. Their lack of leadership, agendas, and ability to enforce law equally have made all of us very vulnerable. I became a gun rights advocate after a scary situation back in 2013, when my lawfully owned pistol grip shotgun was used to save my life in a violent encounter. It was going to be him or me and I sure as hell wasn’t going to allow it to me. It was a feel good story for me not him!!

According to the latest data I saw from the NSSF there is an estimated 425 million firearms in the United States. Nearly 16 million of those are the “EVIL” AR15’s. I use that term sarcastically, the AR15, if we study the data, is used in less than 2% of violent homicides. A study of the data, which is something I follow very closely, because of the important work that I do to protect kids. On average the we lose 40,000 people to “Gun Violence” annually. The problem I have with this stat is that it blurs a line. The CDC, where I get all of my data lumps suicides in with gun deaths. This inflates the numbers almost times two. We lose nearly 16,000 people annually to death by a firearm. Typically there’s a 5-10 minute window of crisis for those that choose to end their lives, they use a firearm because 90% of the time it is fatal. Take suicides and a few big cities around the country like Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, and St. Louis. “Gun Violence” drops and isn’t the epidemic that the media or anti-freedom groups make it out to be. While every single life is valuable and should be saved, by human nature we CANNOT save everyone. It is a sad reality. One that those that try to restrict do not understand. I have a hard time believing that they are this naive or stupid. This is all about control, period.

Those that want to change the fabric of our country use the media to control our thoughts, social media to stifle free speech and are wanting to weaponize law enforcement against lawful gun owners. The next administration has vowed to push a gun control agenda through executive order all while running on a false premise that he’s the “Uniter” of our sick country. What he fails to mention according to the latest data from the NSSF there is an estimated 105 million gun owners in the the United States. We added 5 million brand new gun owners to the ranks in 2020 alone. This is a huge victory for US!! The President-elect has no plans of uniting the country because he would rather pander to lobbyists and ignore real data, thus turn a third of the country’s population into criminals overnight. He will sidestep congress and use executive order to disarm the American people. This is simply unacceptable and we will have to fight to keep commonly owned arms. It has been a failure in leadership that has put us at this precipice.

When a government picks the winners and losers in society, and doesn’t enforce law equally. It puts us in a very dangerous situation, I for one will NOT be turning in, surrendering, or registering anything, period. Those that have an illogical fear of an inanimate object are the very reason for this chaos. They use emotions and fear to control, plus fundraise off of the public. Anyone with an open mind and the ability to read the data can prove that this upcoming gun grab will do nothing to save a single life, but will push us further down a rabbit hole of division. We CANNOT allow this to happen.

While this post might be a little darker than I normally put out. I want to put out a message that resonates with all that read this. My goal is to show you the importance of getting involved to help protect YOUR constitutionally protected rights. It is NOT my responsibility to fight for YOU. It is an individuals responsibility to be involved with the process, even though I will continue to fight for YOU because I have a responsibility to the public. I also have a network of advocates just like me from all over the country and a platform. I will use it to educate, empower, and protect. I will be a voice for those that do not have one. I know life is busy, we are all trying to survive Covid so we can provide for our families. Could you imagine for a second what it would be like to go through the unrest and uncertainty of 2020 with a possibility of being able to lawfully defend your family? That thought literally could be the difference between life and death. All it takes to have your voice heard is to send a well written email to your elected officials. It’s really that simple. Follow local and national legislation and email your Representatives. Easy peasy right? It’s a tactic like this that helps you get involved in the process.

I will leave you with this thought. Gun control is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people, period!! It has been over 30 years and restrictions have never lead to saved lives, but has cost more lives of law abiding citizens being constrained by laws that criminals don’t obey. That is really the easiest way I can break it down for you. By it’s very nature gun control is racist, sexist, and homophobic because it effects those at a higher demographic than it would for someone who looks like me. A white male. This is the true tragedy, those that have a higher statistical chance of being hurt or killed because of them having to NEED a firearm in a defensive situation. Every unnecessary life lost is too many, but making it harder for all of US to defend ourselves won’t save or bring anyone back. Get educated on legislation, get involved, and HELP effect change how you can. WE are counting on you!! Until next time, shoot straight!!