I want to start this blog primarily focused towards new gun owners, but I do believe we should all set up our firearm’s that are for self defense in a similar way. I am a Firearm instructor, I have many guns. All of my Firearms have a purpose and many are task specific tools. Similarly like a mechanic would have a complete and fully stocked tool box. I also am a collector, my firearms are an investment. An investment in my safety and security. As free men and women we have a God given right to self defense. We have a Second Amendment right for a reason. This reason literally could be the difference between life and death. In life there are winners and losers. A tool for lawful self defense will help ensure you are a winner. Notice I said help? Training with that tool WILL help your chances of being a winner go up exponentially.


If I was a new gun owner and I chose to only have three firearms for my collection. I would choose a handgun, a shotgun, and a rifle. These three firearms could help me be a prepared citizen, conscious of my responsibility to be able to defend myself and my family. One thing that I need to realize is that it is NOT law enforcements job to save my life. It is MY responsibility, no one is coming to save you. While I know most LEO would try their best to save you, you are on your own until they get there. They will get there to make an arrest, take a report, or clean up a body. It’s your training and having the tools necessary to answer which one happens to you. While that might seem a far out thought, from what we have seen from 2020, is it really? Our society is crumbling around us, the elites talk as if all will come together and heal as a nation. This couldn’t be further from the truth, you have to be prepared. A firearm for a defensive purpose is like your car insurance policy. You hope you never have to use, but are thankful to have it just in case.

The first gun that I would choose would be a midsize or full-size handgun. Both sizes would give you the ability to conceal the firearm or use it around the house. My personal choice would either be a Glock 19 or the Glock 17. There are a few reasons that would go into my selections. One would be my body type, a bigger body type would allow me to carry a larger frame gun concealed and it would help prevent me from “printing.” Printing is when the general public can see the outline of my concealed firearm through my clothing. If my firearm can be seen I failed as a concealed carrier. While I don’t like to open carry because of how it potentially could make me a target of a shooter or scare people. I support your right to open carry though. You will need a firm belt and a quality holster. This will keep your firearm discreet and in your control. I also recommend two types of Ammunition for your handgun, one is a high quality hollow point and the other type is a full metal jacket target ammo. One is designed to stop a valid threat, the other will give you the ability to train and get comfortable with your handgun. Training will give you the confidence and professionalism to handle any situation. I also highly recommend safe storage for all of your firearms especially when you have kids at home. There are great storage options like the Vaultek gun safe that will keep you gun secure, give you instant access and keep your kids safe!! Please use them when your gun is not on your person.

I think that would be a very valid addition to your home defense collection is a shotgun. Depending on your size and body type is how I would choose a shotgun. Many women or those smaller in stature go with a 20 gauge, the 12 gauge is a more popular choice. You can go with a pump action or a semiautomatic. The sound of you “racking” the action would stop most intruders in their tracks. At night and in the dark this will help deescalate the situation. By far the most popular is the pump action, it is easy to use and very reliable. When choosing the right type of ammunition, I would suggest a 00 Buck. The 00 buck is a shot shell that has 9 lead pellets and at close range it is devastating to an attacker. Another option is a slug, my only concern here is over penetration. The benefits of a shotgun is that it is not a precise type weapon, stopping power, and the availability of ammo. In tough times like this I can typically find ammo anywhere. Please practice proper storage.

The last weapon type of weapon for my “Essential” home defense collection is a quality AR-15. The AR-15 will compliment the other 2. In todays day and age situations can develop quickly, anger can spread quickly via social media. Huge groups can gather quickly, large crowds can get unruly. While I’m not advocating we shoot rioters, I believe it is important to have a firearm that can handle multiple threats, have varying magazine capacities, and be a deterrent by its sheer presence. Also those that live rurally might need to have a weapon that has more effective range, they might also have to deal with multiple attackers. The AR-15 can be equipped with an optic, weapon mounted light, and a sling. Our firearms will have a different purpose depending on the situation. Data would show that the handgun is most often used in a Defensive situation, but the other types of firearms are important additions to your home. Train, have a plan, and be in a position to save yourself or others. The goal is to be an asset not a liability to society. It is YOUR responsibility to save yourself. Until next time, stay safe!!