We Will Not Comply

This year is shaping up to be quite a doozy for the Gun Rights movement. Everyday there is an alert about new potential legislation either at the state or federal level. We as gun owners are constantly under attack, we are being treated by those that fear our firearms or would like to further restrict our rights as if we are bloodthirsty savages. The amount of bad information or misinformation out there is at times overwhelming. Standing here on our principles is lonely and exhausting. There is so much emotion and anger attached to this “movement” either good or bad. We have currently over 22k gun laws on the books across the country! All proposed to be the next “great” one that will solve all the societal problems that we as a country face. The division is getting bigger. There is a full on assault on our 2A rights. It is coming at us from every direction. It’s looking like we will spend the next 4 years on the defense. Most likely it will be spent in Court.

We are getting closer to the potential of being forced to pay a tax, surrender our commonly owned firearms, or to become a felon. The fact that we are all looked at like we are savages because we exercise our 2A rights is, to be quite frank insulting. We are always under attack but never celebrated for our contributions to society. We are friends, family members, parents, neighbors, and tax payers! We are law abiding, responsible, and hard working. We ARE NOT the problem!! We are constantly being demonized and vilified by the media. They are all working together to put us in a very bad situation. We will soon be forced to put a line in the sand. It is either comply or not comply. I’ve spent a lot of time soul searching on this very thought lately. I look at what I do for a living, a firearm instructor, the president of a nonprofit. I have a lot to lose. A tremendous amount as we all do. Mass noncompliance might be the only way to send a strong enough message to the elites. It’s important to remember the elites won’t give up their guns and their armed security. Disarmament is for the common folk, not them.

So what do we do? When their policies will fail, people will die, we will not comply! I have thought long and hard on what I would do. I have made a decision and am willing to risk it all. I will NOT comply with any new unjust legislation. I will stand on principle and behind the constitution of the United States. There is enough legal precedence that will support my position. There are multiple cases across the country that will support our rights to continue to Bare arms. There is Heller Vs. DC, Ezell Vs. Chicago, and many other examples that will support our cause. We have to just weather the storms. I will never condone any type of violence but, I will recommend everyone understand the constitution, the words and what they mean. They mean what they say and they say what they mean. We the people have an important responsibility to uphold and adhere to the very principles that this country was founded on. Our elected officials are attempting to circumvent the constitution, we have to hold the line! There is so much proposed legislation it is almost impossible to know which will effect us and our families. If we learned anything from 2020 is that our 2A is more relevant now than ever. The pandemic has been challenging for us all. The societal unrest has brought many new gun owners into the fold. My question for them is, are you ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with us in mass noncompliance? It’s my belief that they would surrender their arms. If you are new to the 2A, it’s my hope that now you see it’s importance. Will you stand up to protect it? We need unity. We need to stand up together. If we are to look at the data every new law does nothing to penalize criminals but actually turn us into criminals. So what is the point? I have spent the past 8 years building a company and a nonprofit based on supporting law abiding citizens. I’ve done everything within my power to comply with every law. It’s exhausting thinking about all that I could lose if I break the law. Only to be put in a position that noncompliance might be my only move. I’m putting my thoughts here as a way to work through this decision, I am not telling you to break the law. I’m just asking how much more are we going to take? How many more people have to die just so they can pass “another” law? I have ZERO faith in our politicians, they have stacked the deck to their advantage only to turn all of us into targets. Targets for criminals, law enforcement, and federal agencies. It is not a comfortable position to be in. I don’t have a solution, I feel like I’m getting battered by the tide of gun control.

We can look all over the world and look at history. Tyrannical governments have a history of disarming citizens before they exterminate the citizens that don’t agree with the government. Are we going to be next? We are already seeing the effects of cancel culture, censorship, and increased political violence. We are in a position where our history is being erased or revised. If it has some kind of racial undertone it is cancelled or attacked. The mob rules. There is no civility, there is no opportunity for civil discussion, only division. This puts all of us in a dangerous situation. People are literally being attacked for wearing a red hat. It’s sad and laughable all at the same time. It reminds me of a 5 year old. The only thing that keeps us safe is our arms. Our firearms are literally the difference in life and death in some examples. As someone that had my life saved in a violent encounter with my firearm. I understand and will fight for my ability to continue to bare arms. Will you join me? Our way of life is under attack. We have a duty to protect the state. I’ve made a decision to not comply to any further restriction. There is a chance I could become a criminal. I will stand on principle and continue to work while I still can, to protect children and to defend our gun rights. Ask yourself what you are willing to sacrifice to stand on principle. It is difficult question to answer, but what is your alternative? Until next time, be safe!!

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”