I had the pleasure of meeting Jon Hauptman at a conference in 2019 in AZ. We were both at the Gun Rights Policy Conference (GRPC). He is married to a really good friend of mine named Sarah. I originally met with her in 2017 at a GRPC in Dallas. I was following him at the time on social media and it was nice to put a face with the products that I already used. Over the years I have literally spent thousands of dollars on gear, holsters, and gimmicky crap. Typically if I see something gimmicky on social media, I buy it. I buy it because I know at sometime there will someone that brings it to a class. I spend a lot of money just so I can advise the public on what NOT to spend money on. In a defensive situation bad gear can fail and get you killed. We are currently living in a continuously more dangerous time. As we see many new laws being proposed they never equate into lives being saved. It is a sad fact of life, unfortunately. A quality conceal carry rig literally could be the difference between life and death in some parts of the country.

When I talk about a concealed carry rig. I am typically taking about a quality handgun, belt, holster, and mag carrier. This is a system. You could easily spend a $1000 for the set up. The way that I look at it is, what is your life worth or the life of your loved ones? This gets peoples attention and it really should. A concealed carry rig is an investment, so is proper training. A trained individual, that is legally armed while in public is a value to their community. One piece of data that is never shared by politicians or the lap dog media is that concealed carriers are among the most lawful citizens in our country. I’ve seen studies where concealed carriers are more lawful than off duty LEO’s. They are trained, exercising their 2A rights and are lawful because of the fear of being caught on the wrong side of the law. We AREN’T the problem, we ARE part of the solution. As the seasons change your concealed carry rig should too.

What I love about fall, winter, or early spring is heavier clothing and a BIGGER gun! Lol, I know that is a funny concept but, as a full time instructor I have the benefit of having many different options for concealed carry. I have guns that serve different purposes. I have a winter gun, a summer gun, a going to Portland gun. I have set ups that I like and that I trust with my life. When it comes to my secondary platform, I prefer a Glock 17 OWB for the cooler weather. I prefer the Glock 48 for warmer weather. I love Glock because of the reliability, the simplicity, and most importantly the safety. I’ve carried a variety of different holsters over the years. Most were made locally by someone in a garage, as a small business guy I like to support others. I have made a conscious decision going forward that all of my holsters for concealed carry will be Phlster Holsters. What I really like about their holsters is the fit, finish, and the innovation. In full disclosure I am not a paid endorser of Phlster’s products. I pay retail because I believe in the product. I trust my life to it. It is that good!!

In the winter time I am running the Phlster Summit holster for my Glock 17. It is easily modified to fit your body type. In coordination with a Vertx Guardian shirt it is a complete system. I can easily conceal a full-size handgun and a spare mag outside of my waistband. That is 35 rounds of 9mm!! That I wear comfortably and discreetly. There is a since of comfort having that much ammo. It’s sort of like auto insurance, you hope you never need it but, you have to have it. Especially in todays day and age. When the weather warms up I go to a Glock 48 in a Phltster Pro Series holster inside of my waistband. This holster is one of the most comfortable one I have ever worn. It is easy to modify it to fit me effectively. No matter what style holster you choose, a quality belt is mandatory. It is part of your conceal carry rig and will help keep your holster in place. A well placed holster keeps your firearm secure. As a concealed carrier you have duty to yourself and to the public to prevent access to your firearm. To either a child or a criminal. A quality set up will help you feel protected while in public. The Glock 48 IWB is comfortable and can be carried all day. I did incorporate a double mag carrier from another manufacturer which boosts my round count to 31 in compact handgun. That is a huge win for me. This increases the places I can carry this platform because of its capability.
In closing sometimes your budget will dictate the quality of kit that you purchase. It is really important to spend your hard earned money right the first time. If you buy something that looks good on social media, chances are that it’s too good to be true. Be careful here, bad gear can compromise your safety and the safety of your loved ones. Our equipment is an investment, invest wisely. Look at reviews, ask me questions. I am always available to help you. Also invest in ammunition and quality training from a quality instructor. It’s really important to make those dollars stretch going into the future. We do not know what we are in for. Buy a gun, learn how to carry it lawfully, train with it. Be an asset to you community. When the wolf is at the door be in a position to answer. Protect the flock. Until next time, Be safe!!