I originally was going to write a blog post today in regards to training with your AR-15. Unfortunately, I decided to change this topic because of a speech by Joe Biden, last night. I try really hard in my writing to be moderate, non political, and educational. Topics I normally cover are specific to gun rights or 2A related. It is getting increasingly difficult to remain silent about different topics I see from politicians. You notice I will not use the term President in this blog post. I will not refer to Joe in this way. The way I see his behavior is that he is a politician not a leader. I have never in my life some one so inept and incompetent, that has ever held office. He has no basic understanding of our constitution and its true meaning. One could say that he is the most brilliant politician ever because of his willingness to subvert all of our civil rights or there could be something more nefarious happening behind the curtain. All of the chaos in our country is by design, the global elites wants us fighting amongst ourselves. This is how they win, it’s all about control.

Our 2A rights are more important now than ever. Our rifles are the only thing keeping us from becoming subjects. Our freedom or what is left of it truly hangs in the balance. When our elected officials believe that they are the “people,” we are in deep trouble. Our founding fathers took a chance, risked their lives and the lives of their families in this experiment in self governance. They fled tyranny, they lived under it. They knew what it would take to make this experiment in freedom successful. The founding our country was violent, many forget that or try to rewrite the beginning. There were many that lost their lives. Many lost their fortunes. We owe them a debt of gratitude and owe it to them to defend the Republic. The politicians in our country have fatten themselves off of the backs of the American people. No term limits, insider trading, they have become the ruling class. We have become subjects. “It is a Republic, if you can keep it.” Benjamin Franklin. It seems that we may be at a cross road. The end may be near. We have politicians that are hell bent on taking our lawfully owned firearms. The data doesn’t support their claims of a public health crisis. They fan the flames of division with their cohorts in the media. There are a separate set of laws in our country, ones for us and ones for the politicians.

I don’t want this post to become a negative one. It’s really important to realize OUR duty as Americans. We are the guardians of the Republic. It is our duty to teach our children the importance of the constitution. It means something. We also have a duty to stay involved politically at a local, state, and federal level. We have to remain vigilant. They want us disarmed so they can continue they’re control of us. The government is similar to a “helicopter parent.” A helicopter parent is someone that hovers over their children. They are so concerned of their child getting hurt that they hover over them to keep them safe. What the government forgets to realize that our constitution lays out our unalienable rights and constrains what they can subject us, We The People too. The scariest thing I’ve heard as of late from Joe is “no amendment is absolute.” This comment should be terrifying for every free person in this great nation. No they are absolute and not open for your sick interpretation. We reject the fact that you do like our rifles and we will NOT surrender anything, period!! It is our time to save the republic. We do this by getting involved in politics.

Our founding fathers were business owners, farmers, lawyers, and tradesman. They sacrificed it all to give us this gift of freedom. What are you going to do to ensure it survives? We need people to run for office. We should start at the local school board level. This is the most important level. We have to protect the minds of our children. We need to teach them the true history and founding of our country. We have to reinforce the importance of the Republic and how they will be the defenders when we are gone. They will pass that tradition down to their children when it is their time. Next we should be getting involved at a city, county, state, and national level. We should let our experience as patriots guide the way. We the people can save the republic, it’s not too late if we act now. We The People need to unite, they need to listen. They listen by replacing every single one that puts themselves before the American people or the constitution. This is our time. I’ve seen polls where our belief in politicians is at an all time low. This doesn’t have to be a divisive issue we can come together for the greater good of our country. Common sense can prevail, liberty can still win. We have to act though. Politicians have to adhere to their oaths of office. That document means something. We have to get involved even if it as a local level. It is our only hope to save the republic. Find out how our system works, understand the words and what they mean in the constitution. Sacrifice for the betterment of your country, run for office, WIN! It is our only hope. Some would suggest we take up arms, I believe we still aren’t at that point. We are close though. We want to be just left alone. We are not the problem that they would suggest. I hope it is not too late. Pay attention, watch where you get your information from and get involved. We need you!! Until next time. Be safe!!