Most of the time on social media, especially on the Lethal Lovebirds LLC platform. I don’t speak about a cause that I am really proud of. It started with an idea back in 2014. I was a new instructor and the universe spoke to me one night. I’ll never forget, I was driving a dump truck in downtown Eugene, in the middle of the night. As I drove there was what seemed to be a flash of light, something spoke to me. “I have to protect the kids.”
At the time I was confused on what it meant. I later came to accept that it was my higher power speaking to me. I remember vividly getting off of work at 6AM and going home to bed until 8AM. I woke up and hopped on my computer. I started researching “Kids Firearm Safety.”
At that time there was only one program and it was by the NRA. Being from Eugene I was concerned on how well received it would be. So I set out to develop my own program.

I started the development of a kids firearm safety program, all while training adults and working full time. I was crazy busy. I was overworked but I felt it was an important mission. In the early days I would offer kids firearm safety as a feature of Lethal Lovebirds LLC. It was then in the first part of the development where I asked friends to basically let their families be my guinea pigs for what I was trying to accomplish. I spent the next two years in hard development of what would eventually become the Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation. Once I was finally ready I separated the 2 organizations even though there is still a symbiotic relationship between LLB and KSF. In 2016 the Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation was born, we became a 501(C)3 Nonprofit Organization recognized by the federal government. Still working full time, training adults, and now running a nonprofit. I was busy, but I felt fulfilled. I felt that I was well on my way to making an impact to save lives.

In the beginning my biggest challenge was separating the two organizations because they were so intertwined. Mostly from a funding aspect. Funding has always been a challenge for KSF, while everyone loves what we do. Only a handful truly put their money where their mouths are and donate either their time or money. I guess this is where I’m trying to go with this blog post. While the people that are close to me understand my challenges of running a small business and a nonprofit in this political climate. I am thankful for all of my repeat customers that continue to train monthly with us. Your continued patronage means the world to me and provides me the ability to keep going forward to protect children. We have done some truly amazing things, 22k kids, state legislation, and a national rollout. This is all made possible by the adults that continue to support LLB through the training side. You all are heroes to the kids.

I know in these times we have serious issues in this state and our country. The only stability that we all know is that our 2A rights are more relevant now than they have ever been. So is the education of our children. While I don’t post much on LLB about the important work that we are doing to protect children through proper education, we have created something very special that continues to grow. We are close to being finally finished with our instructor development program, the goal is once finished we will go out across the country to turn 22k kids into millions or at least that is our goal. Your continued support of LLB is what helps make all of this possible. The adults truly take care of the kids. I was originally thinking of writing this blog post to tell those that know about the important work that KSF is doing. I kind of changed my plan to show how your patronage directly impacts the lives of our children. It is your support that you most likely never knew how it makes a difference. You can take great solace that your hard earned dollars are well spent to help keep us going.

As a gun rights advocate, where a gun was used to save my life. I understand the importance of our 2A rights firsthand. I will never forget the terror I went through for that 10 mins while on the ground, unarmed. It was that experience that shaped my journey going forward. That situation transformed who I am as a person. Looking back, I’m actually thankful for Shawn Daniels. It was he who gave me this great gift of a new life. One with a mission to help protect women and children. That morning gave me a very important gift. It was the realization of something greater than myself. In a few weeks my story comes full circle when I head to Hawaii to educate their kids on the importance of Kids Firearm Safety. All made possible by you, the adults that see the value in LLB. The women that come back every month, the ones that continue to tell their friends. The ones that continue to grow. I am grateful for your support, your friendships, and your continued support of KSF. The impact that you all are having on the local community and the nation is immeasurable. So for all of the CHL’s, the Zoom classes, the live fire classes that you all take, I say thank you for being part of this journey. Thanks for making it all possible to chase this crazy dream of mine to change the world. Until next time. Be Safe!