I don’t know if you have ever thought of incorporating a “silencer” into your home defense plan. In this blog post I will talk about the process and benefits of using a silencer inside of your home. First of all, buying your first silencer is quite the process. They have silencers that do different things. Typically you will decide on what type of firearm you wish to use for your defense. It is common to have a handgun, shotgun, and a rifle. Each platform will fill a certain task. A handgun, for close in defense or while properly concealed in public. A shotgun for a not as precise inside of the home defensive weapon. Lastly is the rifle, this is a mid range protective type firearm. While often demonized by the media they are highly effective because the stopping power, magazine capacity, and the ability to customize it the way you see fit. I have 5 different silencers for my firearms. Each one fills a specific task. I chose a shotgun for home defense, a handgun for concealed carry and a 300 BLK pistol for home defense. I also have the 300 BLK with me while I travel. It is an effective and capable tool for my personal protection. Depending on what I am doing for the day is what I include in my “kit.”

When I refer to my kit. I am referring to all the necessary tools required to get me to and from my destination. Obviously where I’m going dictates what I have with me. I travel to Portland often for business. I bring extra gear when I go there. Rifles, plate carriers, extra ammo, medical gear and a back up handgun. Last week I was finally approved by the ATF to receive my newest silencer. I went with a Dead Air Sandman K. It is perfect for what I am trying to achieve for my self defense set up. When buying a silencer, you have to be prepared to wait. The process can sometimes take upwards of a year too for you to complete the background check process. It’s quite extensive and the background check is performed by the ATF and the FBI. You will also need to pay $200 for a tax stamp at the beginning of the process just to purchase a silencer. Most silencers will vary in price from about $300 to $1000 plus the $200 tax stamp to take possession of the can. Your budget and application will dictate the silencer you choose.

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Unlike what you see in the movies and what politicians say that silencers do. They don’t make the gun completely silent. This is a myth that false represents what can does. The silencer is used to suppress the gases and to lower the DB rating to help protect your hearing. Think of them as bolt on hearing protection. It is really too bad that they are regulated under the NFA (National Firearm Act.) This is unfortunate because there is no data that supports them ever being used in a violent crime. If they have been ever used it is a really low percentage of violent homicides. Depending on the caliber, the length, and the manufacturer, the silencer will reduce the report of your firearm between 10 to 20 decibels. I went with the Dead Air Sandman K. It is a shorter and lighter can than most. I chose this one because I wanted something that would match my needs and lifestyle. I needed something that reduced the report but is also compact and easy to deploy. Mine just screws on and off of the attached muzzle device that I attached to my Aero Precision 300 BLK pistol. I decided on this set up because I can easily get it in a bag, so it can go everywhere with me. It is also perfect inside of the home. The benefits of silencer are in an enclosed space it helps disperse the gases and makes it easier on my hearing without the need of ear pro. In a defensive situation I might not have time to don hearing protection. This type is attached to the gun. The velocity of the round and the weight of the bullet are what helps control the report. If the round breaks the sound barrier then there will be a louder report. For my set up I go with a subsonic round with a heavier bullet. It might lack kinetic energy, but it is safe for me to shoot without ear pro. It’s a balancing act and the benefit to having multiple firearms to accomplish different tasks.

If budget is important to you then I would recommend a high quality handgun, a rifle, and a shotgun. These 3 guns can serve multiple purposes and a silencer can be used on your handgun or rifle if you buy the right model. You will need to do your research. The price can vary between manufacturers. Things to look out for are the weight, DB reduction rating, caliber rating, and the way the can attaches to the muzzle. The longer and heavier the silencer is the less maneuverable it will be. The heavier weight will weigh down the muzzle, which will help manage the recoil. If you are going to put a silencer on a AR15 rifle or pistol, you will need to choose between direct thread, a muzzle device or a flash hider. Depending on how the silencer attaches will determine if it can be used on different types of firearms. I would suggest buying one that can be used on more than one type of firearm. This will help save you money and give you some flexibility on mounting options. Just be prepared to wait for the background check to go through. Once approved get it mounted to your selected firearm, get to the range, try different types of ammo. Make sure your gun cycles the way that you need it too. Now you have an effective defensive tool. Make sure to follow all state and federal laws, the silencer is heavily regulated under the NFA. Make sure to always be in compliance. Until next time. Be safe!!