The past few weeks I have been spending a lot of time watching the chaos unfold in the middle east. It has been really hard to watch. We unfortunately lost 13 service members, who were killed in action. I think the hardest thing for me is watching all of the lies that are coming from the media and the White House. The whole exit from Afghanistan was a complete and utter failure. Biden has the blood of Americans on his hand. I have never seen a leader duck and dodge the responsibility of his position the way Biden did. What really stuck with me is how we left over 600k small arms behind for a terrorist organization. This is unacceptable! As I write this, I think of how the Taliban now have their own 2nd Amendment by default, thanks to our politicians. Just the way our founding fathers envisioned it. We left 600k weapons behind for the use by a terrorist organization without a single 4473 form filled out or a single background check completed. This move is absolutely insane and a complete failure of leadership or planning. Not to mention all of the heavy equipment that we left behind, which totaled nearly 85 million dollars in tax payers expense. All while this is happening abroad, there is a renewed push for gun control here in the United States.

We as responsible gun owners are constantly being attacked by politicians and special interest groups. It is these groups of people that surround themselves with tall locked gates and their own private “armed” security. “Good for me, not for thee!” This is hypocrisy at it’s finest! There is so much money involved in the gun control movement on both sides. One side is righteous, the other is misdirected. The irrational fear of an inanimate object borders on a mental health situation. We will not live our lives in fear and we will NOT be surrendering our firearms, period!! This debate ended the moment we armed the enemy! We are as a collective done talking about disarmament, the government has been trying to prevent gun crimes as far back as 1934 with no positive results. What they will never admit is that they FEAR an armed populace. While I want to be careful with my words, our 2A is the reason that we are NOT Australia or France. In Australia, the government is forcing its citizens into camps because of Covid restrictions and in France the public has been rioting for 6-8 weeks because they are facing the same overreach. What both countries lack is a 2A. While I’m NOT saying we have guns to fight the government with, I am saying that our rifles serve a purpose to prevent all of us ending up in camps at the will of the government. I’m not saying this will happen either, I am saying a government fearful of it’s armed citizens is a good thing. Similarly to the way our founding fathers envisioned our 2A rights. They lived under tyranny and knew that they had to protect us.

So what do we do? How do we end the gun control debate? It’s easier said than done. We have to unite, organize, develop a unified message, and pushback against those that would try to further restrict our rights. They will say no one needs a weapon of war, our response will be with 600k weapons in the hands of a terrorist organization and a porous southern border because of a political agenda. We will NOT compromise further about giving up our rifles. We need them to defend our families. You see here in America we don’t have a gun problem we have a reporting problem. First of all the data that comes directly from the CDC is flawed. What the CDC does that isn’t necessarily truthful is that they lump suicide in with “gun violence.” This doesn’t present a fair representation of what’s happening in this country. This inflates the numbers and then the media, plus anti-gun groups push a false narrative of a “gun violence crisis” in our country. They use fear and emotion to continue to push for further restriction all while ignoring the estimated 22k gun laws that we currently have on the books, many of them not being enforced. It seems like the CDC and the anti-gun side are cohorts in this misinformation campaign. There is billions of dollars on the line so it would make sense. If the CDC were truly trying to be honest about the situation they would separate suicides from actual gun violence. While all loss of life is too much, misrepresenting the numbers intellectually honest. The numbers should be separated, but that would hurt the continued support for further restrictions. Here are the facts on any given year there is an estimated between 40k-42k lives lost to “gun violence.” Of that number there is typically between 16k and 18k. Separate these into separate columns and the epidemic that they fundraise upon isn’t as nearly dire as they make it seem. They use the inflated numbers to invoke an emotional response from those that are uneducated on the subject.

So what do we do? How to we reverse the momentum of gun control? Well it starts by saying “NO MORE!” We will no longer stand idly by and allow further infringement. We must unite and stand together against this overreach! We must reject any further restriction while our enemies are newly armed. We must get involved at a local level to hold our elected officials accountable. We must hold our elected officials at state level accountable. Lastly we must hold ALL elected officials at a federal level accountable!! This goes for both sides of the isle. We have to show up and VOTE! I don’t really believe in the voting system currently because of potential fraud, but it is our last remaining option. We do have to fix the system, it is corrupted and broken. We have to educate those in our circles in the the importance of our 2A rights. They are just as relevant today as they were in 1791 when the Bill Of Rights was ratified. It is the Bill Of Rights not the Bill Of Needs! First step is to say NO, mass noncompliance will take us far. Let’s hope that will all it take, until next time. Be safe!