As technology evolves, equipment and gear advances. As we get older our speed slows down and our eyesight can change. It may be necessary to upgrade your sights to help with proper sight picture and alignment. A red dot sight might be a great upgrade to your concealed carry handgun. I have switched most of my handguns to red dot sights. This helps with my target acquisition and makes it easier to transition from target to target. This is important on the range but also is helpful when carrying a gun for lawful self defense while in public. The goal would be able to effectively put rounds in an active threat all while mitigating risk for others in the immediate area. Training helps you ensure that you are an asset while in public and not a liability. Our guns for self defense are useless if an innocent bystander is hurt or killed. Your liability is huge when carrying a gun in public but so are the risks currently with what’s happening everywhere in our society. There has been a huge shift with increasing violence. Mental health issues, drug abuse, and violent crime are on the uptick with no signs of improving. This makes all of us vulnerable. We must plan accordingly and prepare just in case.

It depends on the location, the season and where that I am going that dictates my carry options for the day. In the summertime my clothing is lighter so I have to conceal a smaller framed gun. This is normally a Glock 48 MOS with a Trijicon RMRcc red dot incorporated into the slide. This is discreet and very capable for my self defense. This firearm holds 10 in the magazine and 1 in the chamber. I use a Phlster Pro Series holster to keep my gun secure and hidden from the public. It is nobody’s business whether I am armed in public or not but my own. I always have 2 mags on the left side of my body. I have a mag carrier that keeps them readily accessible on my Kore Essentials ratcheting belt. It is a really sweet set up. This brings my round total to 31of 9mm hollow points. As the weather changes my clothing gets heavier so this gives me the opportunity to conceal a larger framed gun. This also happens when I travel north into Portland. Bigger gun equals longer sight radius, longer effective range and more bullets. Starting in the fall I carry a Glock 17 MOS with a Trijicon RMR red dot incorporated into the slide. This is a bigger gun and it is harder to conceal. I have to dress appropriately to ensure my gun is concealed properly. The gun holds 17 in the magazine and 1 in the chamber. I also carry at least 1 spare mag which brings my round count to 35 of 9mm hollow points. This is a very capable set up and one that I trust.

If you decide on adding a red dot to your handgun, on thing to be mindful of is that is an investment. If your handgun doesn’t have the slide cut to accept the mount for a red dot, you can send it to a company that offers that service or you can buy a gun that already has that feature done to it. A slide cut can cost up to $250. There are different gun manufacturers that offer this feature as part of their options. Once you have that settled you will need to pick out the kind of red dot that you would like. They vary in price from $200-$600 depending on the manufacturer. I really like the Trijicon RMR and RMRcc, both are easy to adjust, are durable, and have long battery life. Once you have decided on the red dot you will want to find a type of suppressor height sight. This will work in combination with your red dot. If the battery ever fails back up irons will ensure you will be able to align your sights. There is a chance that you might need a different holster as well. Some are not equipped to accommodate the higher sights or the red dot be mindful of that. In all reality you might be looking at an investment of over $1000. Once set up you will be good to go.

I normally don’t put a gun into my carry rotation unless I get it sighted in and I get some rounds down range with it. I make sure that the dot is set for the range that it will be used at. Normally a range at 25-50 feet should suffice. Once completely dialed it is important to get some reps in. It will take some getting used to. It will be a different experience as you start to learn. The benefit of the suppressor height sights is that when you align them on your target, the dot will be there. Practice, practice, practice! This will help you develop the skills necessary to do what you need in a defensive situation. Once you get more familiar with the process you will be able to keep both eyes open and with good mechanics the round will impact the target where the dot is placed. The benefit of both eyes being open is that your brain can take in more information and this will help with decision making. Under duress this will be important to you and others in a close proximity to a valid threat. Training with your red dot and elevating your heart rate will help you prepare for a defensive situation. Knowing what to do and when to do it will help increase your survivability if ever attacked. Violent crime is increasing, the likelihood of a violent encounter is going up. Your safety and the safety of your family is important. An investment in a good red dot will be a good addition to your every day carry. Until next time. Be safe!