The day that I am writing this is January 6th 2022, a day that is being exploited by the media and politicians. They have labeled it “Insurrection Day.” I believe it is merely propaganda designed to divide our country further. Please do your own research and make your own opinion on wether this is true or a hoax or not. I am not buying into the hype. As I have been researching this blogpost, I have made some really promising discoveries. It is my belief that we are about to turn the corner on the whole “gun control” debate. While the feds and different states will continue to try to further restrict our 2A rights, support from the public begins to wain. As of late there has been a few high profile public figures that have come out as buying guns for lawful self defense. One of the biggest was Sherry Shepard from the View. She recently came out on TV and talked about how she had bought a gun, took some training classes, and made the purchase for the safety of her family. This is huge and the crowd was silent with shock. The View is a group that are NOT friendly to our freedoms or our guns. Her admission brought the focus of our 2A rights to the forefront and the mainstream. You won’t find much coverage in the media because they are pretending it never happened. According to the latest Neilsen Ratings that covers how many people watch current TV shows. The View ranked 4th in our country. That is a lot of eyes on a lady that is fearful about what is happening around her because of bad policy.

There also has been a record number of new gun owners since the beginning of this pandemic. Many are finally realizing that societal unrest, the Defund the police movement, and an increase in violent crime has put all of their lives in danger. All of these smash and grab crimes, lack of prosecutions has really woken people up. This is huge for our 2A rights. It is a win if we can convert though. We need those that might not align with us politically to see the importance of helping us all protect our rights. Some will not be helpful, others that are finally “woke” in a good way can be effective advocates for the 2A. They will be in different circles of people and it is my hope that they can help influence those around them. It is my hope that new gun owners will feel empowered and can help empower others. All while helping “normalize” gun ownership. We are your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers. Owning a gun is so normal it’s almost abnormal to be fearful on an inanimate object. They call that a “hoplophobe.” hoplophobe (plural hoplophobes) (derogatory, rare) Someone who has a fear of guns. This comes from either a negative experience when they were younger or effective mind control from the media, or just a fear of the unknown. It is really easy for people to fear something that they have ZERO experience with and outside influences are effecting their opinions of guns. This is completely normal, what is important is how we get these people living in fear to see the relevance of our guns and to get them to help support our cause.

All over the country radical prosecutors, bad policies, and sympathetic politicians have created a perfect storm for criminals. We are seeing record levels of violent homicides, home invasions, and robberies. Many of these crimes are fueled by drug habits, but the criminals are definitely emboldened because there is literally no punishments for most petty crimes. This is a real problem. Not one that its even being addressed properly. I did see that there is talk of repealing Proposition 47 in California. It is that law that has decriminalized all sorts of crimes and has turned Los Angelas and San Fransisco into literal cesspools. Big cities are dying and residents are fleeing at record numbers. We all have a God given right to self defense. This right is always under attack yet the ones in power offer no viable solutions, more of the status quo. Now is the time to support those that are new to the team. I say team as a term of endearment. As experienced gun owners, we have a duty to educate and help those that have come to our side. This doesn’t need to be a political debate. This is how we convert and get the help that we need to stop the further erosion of our freedoms. I am also seeing a record number of people that are changing their stances on the masks and vaccines. People are starting to wake up and see how the government isn’t the solution for many of the issues that our country faces. We the people are the solution. We have to understand the great responsibility that goes into our own personal protection. I carry a gun daily, it is my responsibility to protect myself and the ones that I safely can. I will never depend on the government for my safety. It’s my job. It is my hope that I can influence those that I can and show them that they can do it as well.

It can be intimidating. Many will feel overwhelmed but they will hopefully never experience some of the the things in their lives like I have. It has strengthened my resolve to defend myself. I encourage others to do the same, many are! It is important to realize that law enforcement is understaffed and at capacity. This is dangerous for us because they are supposed to be a buffer for deterrent to crime. This isn’t happening which puts us all at risk. We must take the power back. These policies no longer work or are acceptable. My hope is that I never have to use my firearm in lawful self defense but, if it is going to be me or him. It sure as hell isn’t going to be me. I have so much more to do in this life and it’s not my time. Please buy a gun, learn how to use it. Make sure it is properly stored when it is not on your person. Educate your children on what not to do if they ever come across it. Most importantly incorporate it in your daily routine. It’ll be that one time that you’ll wish you had it if you don’t. Take it from me, it was a situation that changed my life forever. It changed it for the good though because it opened so many doors and gave me this gift of empowering plus protecting others. So for that I am eternally grateful. Until next time. Be safe!!