Here is a brief history of the battles that we currently face here in Oregon. Last year a group of radical clergyman put together an effective campaign to truly change the face of the gun control debate, here in Oregon and across the country. They initially started 2 IP’s (ballot initiatives.) IP 18 would have banned the possession, transfer, and manufacture of “assault rifles.” Their definition of an “assault rifle” was any semi-automatic rifle that takes a detachable box magazine. This broad definition would have outlawed most basic commonly owned firearms owned by law abiding citizens. There is no data currently that would support their position. Running 2 campaigns simultaneously proved to be a mistake and they decided, with promises from an anti-freedom legislators in the Oregon Legislature that they would help further their cause. They made the decision to push IP 17 solely.
IP17 is by far one of the most overreaching and unconstitutional bills ever proposed in our country. What it would do is:

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• It would have required a Oregon resident to obtain a permit to purchase. This would be a separate permit from our current Concealed Handgun License.
• It would have required every firearm purchased to be added to a publicly searchable database.
• Permit to Purchase would cost $65.
• It would have criminalized the possession of standard capacity magazines that hold more than 10 rounds while in public. Legal to possess at home or at the range, must transport to the range in a locked container, separate from the firearm.
• It would basically ban every magazine in our state that is under 10 rounds that have a detachable base plate.
• This would have banned most self defense shotguns with a tube that holds +5 in it due to the fact that could they could more than 10 mini shot shells.
• We would have had to have an affirmative defense that we were in possession of all of our magazines prior to 12/8/22.
• There would have been NO grandfather clause, which means every magazine outside of the home would be a Class A misdemeanor. Max penalty 364 days in jail and a fine up to $6250.00.
• There would have been not a single criminal penalty for those that actually commit gun crimes.
The chief petitioners ended up raising over 161,000 signatures to place IP 17 on to the ballot. Through out this process it was never reviewed about it’s constitutionality, it was just pushed forward blindly. It was given a ballot title and assigned a number. Measure 114 was passed by less than 1% of the vote on November 8th 2022. Due to the Oregon State Constitution it was scheduled to take effect on December 8th 2022. A few days before the implementation date Oregonians received a reprieve in Federal court. There was a temporary stay put on it to give the State the time to develop and establish a permit to purchase program in place. Soon after that court date there was lawsuit filed in State Court in Harney County. It was there in in State court, where Oregon Gun owners got a TRO (temporary restraining order) against the full implementation of Measure 114. It is on hold until the state can prove that they have the PTP program in place and ready for citizens to apply. At this point it will be weighed on the constitutionality of this piece of legislation. We are scheduled to be back in Federal Court in June for trial and back in State Court in September for trial.