In the continuing saga of Measure 114, a horrible gun control bill. Which, I have been reporting on for the past few years. I have followed this story even before it became a ballot initiative, then a bill, and lastly when it became law for a short time. This monstrosity of a bill was unconstitutional, ineffective, and a feel-good do-nothing bill. That only punished law-abiding citizens being pushed by a group of radical clergymen. The only problem here is how their voice was only amplified and emboldened by an even more radical Attorney General. In a perfect world or at least one that was designed by our founding fathers, who escaped tyranny, only to give us this gift of freedom, if we can keep it. There would be a check on the governmental powers of the State of Oregon. In this altered state of reality that we are currently struggling to survive in. The scales of justice were intended to be blind, but hence they are NOT! We have a radical Attorney General that has waged war on the law-abiding, taxpayers that fund her salary.

There is no data that supports that a mag capacity ban or a permit to purchase scheme is or ever has worked anywhere in the country, period. Yet, time and time again she has pushed the same tired rhetoric and talking points that politicians parrot all over the country. It’s laughable really, until we the people get stuck with the bill. It is a shameful excuse to take hard-earned tax money, hold it in one hand, take a match, and light it on fire! The only winners here are the silver-tongued devils in expensive suits. The only winners so far in the saga of Measure 114 have been lawyers. Not a single life has been saved and that is the sad part. Elections do have consequences and we are seeing firsthand that one-party rule is destroying our beautiful state. I am writing this blog post today because I am frustrated, I am tired of being treated as if I am a criminal because of bad policies that have been put in place that continue to fail and people continue to die. Believe it or not, gun owners are more of the solution than they are the problem. We could play devil’s advocate here, we could argue that all of these policies aren’t designed to work, or we could argue that they are put in place to further restrict your rights. It is similar to death by a thousand paper cuts, the policies don’t work, let’s create more. Unti poof, there is nothing left and you are disarmed. All while that criminal, with an illegal gun, will continue to create chaos in our streets.

The other day I received a message on Facebook from a friend. He had filed a FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) request with his Representative. If you are not familiar with a FOIA request, they are incredibly effective tools for you to request public information from any public agency. I have used them in the past on Measure 114, that is until they started to stonewall me and add these expensive fees as a way to bully me into moving along from the topic I was trying to search. In his FOIA request, he inquired about how much the Oregon DOJ had spent up to date in defense of Measure 114 in State and Federal court. The answer is $3,759,702.92 to this date!! That is so maddening, we have a hyper-partisan AG that will continue to throw good money after the bad with ZERO accountability for her behavior. What should really upset you, is as a taxpayer you are funding both sides of this court battle. We are funding our side through donations and then our taxes are being hijacked in an attempt to take away your rights. All while the aforementioned group of clergymen are free to continue this big lie that they perpetrated on the public without any ramifications. To me, this seems like it should be criminal. We have an AG, who leads the DOJ, who took an oath to support and defend the constitution that is blatantly violating her oath of office. There is ZERO accountability for her transgressions.

The bright spot that we all share is that she is done at the end of this year and is not seeking reelection, thank you, Jesus!! So where do we go from here? Currently, Measure 114 is waiting for its fate at the Oregon Court of Appeals. There is a small chance that it could be stopped there, but in reality, it could pass this challenge and then head to the Oregon State Supreme Court. In the State trial that would be the end of the road for a law that should have just gone into the recycle bin. As for the Federal trial, it most likely will go to the 9th District Court in San Francisco. It could survive that challenge, depending on the outcome of a few other rulings that we are currently waiting to come out. If it passes there, hopefully, we will appeal it to the United States Supreme Court. This case will ultimately come down to resources. We lose when we run out of money. Unfortunately, the state has endless resources at its disposal that come from us, the taxpayers. This is a complete abuse of power.

This November will arguably be the most important election of our lifetimes. We have to get involved, we have to motivate our neighbors, and lastly, we NEED to vote. Staying home does nothing but further the decay that we are watching happen in real time all over our state. We need good people who will step forward and run for office. We have to help them get elected. We must volunteer to help with their campaigns. This is the only way that we can hold the line and reverse this downward trend that we are all facing. The adults have to have a seat at the table and present reasonable solutions that we ALL face. So in closing buckle up, this ride on Measure 114 is far from over. It is far from being fully funded. This will easily surpass 5 million dollars before we know it. Pay attention and get involved to help save our state. Until next Time. Be safe!