Get a detailed report

Business Security Audit

$250 for businesses with 1-10 employees
$500 for businesses with 11-20 employees
$1000 for businesses 21 employees or more.
$250 for churches
Once the BSA is completed a detailed report will be provided offering suggestions on how best to proceed to upgrade and update your business’s security. Your place of business will be issued a grade A-F upon completion.

How It Works:

As our society becomes increasingly volatile, have you ever thought about how vulnerable you and your employees could potentially be in our around your place of business? Schedule a Business Security Audit (BSA) and we come to your business. We will survey and offer input on how best to secure your business. The goal is to point out any potential flaws in your defenses that endangers your family. Here’s some of what we will review:


• Property/parking areas
• Exterior lighting/Landscaping
• Ingress and egress
• Weak points in the exterior
• Cover/Concealment
• Barriers/fences


• Doors/Locks
• Windows
• Visibility
• Cover/Concealment
• Cctv/audio
• Business safety plan development (Assigning employee roles)
• Staging of firearms for defense, (Secure storage options)
• Firearm selection advice (Ammo, storage options, accessories)
• First Responder contact protocols