Breakfast With A Bang


Breakfast With a Bang- $40.00

What you need to know:

A Social Shoot offered monthly for Ladies only. This is a safe place to help develop your skills and build camaraderie with a great group of ladies. This is a invite only event, faster pace of progression than the Women’s Firearm Training Course. Important note Ladies who show proficiency with firearm in the Beginner Course can be moved up into the Breakfast With a Bang Group.  These ladies are Tremendous!!

Topics Covered:

  • Gun Safety.
  • Situational awareness.
  • Reloads and malfunctions.
  • Progressive in difficulty and stress load.
  • Ever evolving with our threats.
  • Geared towards self defense.

To make skills useful, they must be practiced to a point of real returns, real proficiency. Training should be intentional and directed at long term gains in ability and understanding, not short term satisfaction and success. Students who acknowledge skills development as a long term process will garner the most positive results.