Kids Gun Safety 2 (Livefire)


Kids Safety Course 2- $40.00

What you need to know:

The Kids Gun Safety Course 2 is a 2-3 hour course on a local Range, instruction focusing on the 4 basic firearm safety rules.  To be eligible to take second course kids must have attended  the Kids Gun Safety 1 and have a certificate of completion.

Topics Covered:

  •  Refresher of 4 basic gun safety rules.
  • Educate each student/parent and stress the importance of practicing each of these rules.
  • Parents are required to take the Kid’s Gun Safety Course 2 with their child. You play a key role in developing safe practices and are ultimately responsible for the behavior and safety of your child. Lessons and concepts can be quickly forgotten so repetition will help your child remember standard safety procedures.
  • We will shoot a .22 Rifle.  We will practice lessons taught during the first class (Trigger and Muzzle Discipline). We will also practice our gun handling and proper ways to carry both Firearms.
  • We will practice 3 different shooting positions with the .22 Rifle (Offhand, Kneeling, and Prone).
  • We will have a little competition for Top Shot if there’s enough time. Winner gets an award.

Upon completion of the Kid’s Safety Course 2 each student will be given a certification of completion.  Once registered I will provide you with address and directions to range.  Class will be limited to 20 kids per class. To make skills useful, they must be practiced to a point of real returns, real proficiency. Training should be intentional and directed at long term gains in ability and understanding, not short term satisfaction and success. Students who acknowledge skills development as a long term process will garner the most positive results.