Our Course

Monthly Skill Builder Class

Price: Monthly Skill Builder Class- $40.00

What you need to know:

Firearm training instruction is intended to simulate ‘real life’ self-defense situations. These classes are progressive, building on the skillset month over month. Depending on the number of students attending the class and their skill level, will depend on various exercises performed in each class.

Topics Covered:

  • Safety brief and safe gun handling procedures
  • Review prior months instruction
  • Fundamentals of shooting
  • Trigger Discipline
  • Muzzle Control
  • Sight picture and Sight alignment
  • Load, unload
  • Stoppages and malfunctions
  • Multiple target transitions
  • Shooting while moving
  • Movement techniques
  • Ready positions
  • Shooting positions
  • One hand shooting
  • Various drills & competitions for time

What to bring:

  • Dress appropriately for your safety (long pants, full coverage shirt and hat)
  • Bring your firearm of choice and ammunition
  • Eye and Ear protection will be provided at no charge
  • Snacks, coffee and water will be provided

* We have a variety of firearms rentals available and ammunition for purchase at the range. For more details feel free to contact us. To make skills useful, they must be practiced to a point of real returns, real proficiency. Training should be intentional and directed at long term gains in ability and understanding, not short term satisfaction and success. Students who acknowledge skills development as a long term process will garner the most positive results.To be respectful to all instructors and students time, please come prepared to begin at the times noted above. This is a private range and for safety we cannot allow spectators.