Kristi Ann Dobson

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I have attended Derek’s Breakfast with a Bang women’s firearm training each month since November 2015. I grew up around guns and with family that hunted, etc. I have always had a respect for firearms and though I had target shot before, I didn’t go near them or even know how to load one. Guns intimidated me. I wanted to be able to get my CHL and to operate a gun to protect myself and my two girls should it ever be needed. I am now realizing how much I’ve actually learned about the fundamentals and mechanics necessary to make clean, safe, accurate marks on my target. Those fundamentals are just the same as in any sport. Without practicing them the right way and practicing often, I would not be able to remember what to do. Because of these classes, I am confident that if put in a threatened position I can protect myself and my family. These trainings are helping me to build the repetition with the right balance of discomfort and challenge so I want to improve and add more to my toolbox. I feel empowered and strong and I am proud to be a part of this group! Each month we build on our skills and learn a new technique or way to prepare in case danger strikes. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to learn more and get practice in a safe and friendly atmosphere. I’ve already made some amazing friendships and am thankful for this new skill.