Huge thank you for doing the children’s gun safety course! My daughter has not stopped talking about what she has learned. You are amazing!

Amy Teichman-LaMar

Thank you to you and your team for coming down today! It was a great class and I can’t wait to learn more!

‎Jennifer Lockhart-Hammond‎

The kids class was awesome, spot on age directed training. He kept the kids engaged and it was clear they were absorbing what the instructor was teaching. Even as a parent watching my kids in his class I picked up a few things as well to work with my kids for help ensure their safety. […]

William Codgelton

I have attended Derek’s Breakfast with a Bang women’s firearm training each month since November 2015. I grew up around guns and with family that hunted, etc. I have always had a respect for firearms and though I had target shot before, I didn’t go near them or even know how to load one. Guns […]

Kristi Ann Dobson

Derek is great at keeping kids engaged and letting them have fun without allowing them to become unsafe or lose sight of the gravity and importance of what he’s teaching. Excellent instructor, can’t wait to get my own sidearm and take his women’s classes!

Angie Gomez

Great class, really enjoyed it. Can’t wait to come back for Utah next month and your kids class.

Kate Henderson

Being huge 2A supporters ourselves, safety is a must for us! But it is especially important for new shooters, educating the youth, and even us ‘experienced’ lifers that carry daily ready to (but hoping never to have to) defend ourselves or the general public. Derek’s classes will prepare you for introductory firearm safety/handling all the […]

Cameron Straub, Eugene Tattoo & Body Piercing Company

Great class, excited to attend other trainings!

Amie Nash Gomez

Thank you, Derek. It was a great class. You are very good at what you do. Keep up the good work.

Cassie Smith