Our Course

Tac – Med Class


Price: $60

What you need to know:

High-quality training is important to being a well-rounded prepared citizen. It is quite possible to be the first responder at a car, industrial, or in the event of a mass casualty situation. Our Tac Med class is designed to give you the information and training necessary to save lives. We are partnering with a local medic with prior military service and nearly 20 years of working knowledge of trauma care. It is our goal to provide value to the community by producing a prepared citizen that will help keep their communities safe. We will also give you tips on how to build your very own IFAK (individual first aid kit.) Building your own kit will save you money over commercially available kits. This is a 2-hour class.

Topics Covered:

  • Principles of trauma care
  • Initial scene assessment
  • Priorities of treatment
  • Signs of massive hemorrhage
  • Explanation of what projectiles do to tissue
  • Immediate actions
  • Use of bandages
  • Use of tourniquets
  • Wound packing
  • Good Samaritan laws
  • Further information and training

What to bring:

Comfortable clothing,( weather dependent)
A fold-up chair, class is undercover but, outside.
Note-taking materials

For more details feel free to contact us. To make skills useful, they must be practiced to a point of real returns, real proficiency. Training should be intentional and directed at long-term gains in ability and understanding, not short-term satisfaction and success. Students who acknowledge skills development as a long-term process will garner the most positive results. To be respectful to all instructors and students’ time, please come prepared to begin at the times noted above. This is a private range and for safety, we cannot allow spectators.