2020 was a year like no other and 2021 is beginning to feel the same way

As I write this blog post there are mass protests in Washington D.C. Some believe it is righteous and others believe it’s domestic terrorism. I find myself analyzing the videos not believing what is actually true and what is a diversion. One thing that we can all agree on is, the media is not our friend. Part of being a prepared citizen is having the ability to utilize many different skills to keep training. I recently got a Dillion 750XL progressive reloading press. I have it set up to load .223 at the moment. It has the capability to load any caliber rifle or pistol that I choose. I coined the affectionate term for myself as the “Garage Gardener.” It might be funny, make you laugh. It is my goal to normalize the hobby of reloading and gun ownership. Everything that I do is about representing the 2A community in a positive way. I want to show those that are fearful or don’t understand our lifestyle. That we are normal people like everyone else. Some people like photography, some hiking, some gardening. Me and others like me like to shoot. We are honest and law abiding but constantly under attack by those that are afraid of inanimate objects.

In 2020 there were many factors that lead to a massive ammo shortage.

There has been a pandemic and societal unrest. The gun industry has seen a huge up tick in firearm sales and record first time gun owners. Ammo is sold out everywhere, when you can find it, the price is artificially inflated. People are in a panic and it is equating to panic buying. It is backdoor gun control if you think about. If the people cannot get the munitions to train or feed their firearms. It is a way for the powers that be to control the public. This is very dangerous. That is why I made a decision to manufacture my own ammo. This gives me the ability to continue to train and enjoy the opportunity to exercise my 2A rights. A right delayed is a right denied. Many were caught off guard and left unprepared. One of the many challenges that I face as a re-loader is the availability of the components to make my own ammo. I started my journey as a reloader many years ago. I started on a Hornady single stage press. It was a slower yet precise way for me to learn. When you are reloading, everything is a process. You start by cleaning the brass that you are reloading. Once clean you can then de-prime and size your brass. Sizing prepares your case to accept the bullet or commonly referred to as the projectile. After that process you can prime the brass.

The primer is a critical component to the process.

The primer is what starts the firing process. It is basically a controlled explosion that ignites the powder. The gasses and pressure expand in the chamber of the firearm, propelling the bullet down the barrel towards the intended target. Once primed you add the gun powder of your choosing. The type of powder and its characteristics will determine the amount loaded into the case. Reloading and load development is really a scientific process. You should consult the many different reloading manuals available. If you make a mistake and load your round out of spec, the pressures could be too great. The results could be catastrophic. You will need to weigh your powder and add it to your prepared case. Once powder is added you can seat the projectile. You will need a set of calipers. You want to set your over all length to fit the chamber of your firearm. If it is too long or too short, this can cause a malfunction. Once you have the overall length set properly, you can now seat your bullet. The final step is to crimp the round. You will now have a completed round.

box of re-loaded bullets

Inspect it carefully.

Now repeat the process a thousand times, hehe. There are a few types of reloading presses available for sale. Your type of shooting and the amount of rounds per hour that you would like to produce will dictate what press you go with. The few types available are a single stage, a turret style press, and a progressive type press. The single stage is by far the slowest type of press and is good for new to reloading or those that want to develop for hunting/target shooting. It will be a time consuming, yet precise way to reload. The next type of press is a turret style press. I’m not too familiar with this style because I have no experience with it. This will load a round at a faster rate by rotating the round from station to station. Each station will perform the actions that I described in the beginning of this post. This will be a faster way to load bulk ammunition than the single stage press. The last press that I will cover is the new one that I just brought on-line. The one that I am using now is a Dillion 750XL. It is a progressive type press. This will produce a round per pull of the handle. It is capable of producing up to 750 rounds per hour!! That is a way to load quite a bit of Ammunition, but it can be a good way to burn through critical components. Right now there is a huge struggle to find powder and primers. You will need both to produce your own ammunition. This is the biggest challenge I face.

There is a lot of information available online.

Either on YouTube or via reloading manuals. This will help you evaluate what type of press is right for you. The goal is for you to become more self sufficient and give you the ability to train when the availability of ammunition is unavailable. I put this post out as way to share my Personal experiences “growing my own” ammo supply. I hope that I made it entertaining and informative. I hope you all look into the possibility of becoming your very own “Garage Gardener.” It is a fun and relaxing way to make sure you have the munitions available to enjoy your pastimes all while representing your 2A rights. Until next time, shoot straight. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”