As of January 22nd 2021 there has been a new President installed into power. President Biden has promised to tax, regulate, and potentially confiscate most commonly owned firearms. His personal vendetta towards the firearms community is nothing new, he was one of the authors of the original Assault Weapons Ban back in 1994. At the time of writing this, it is my opinion that his potential overreach is motivated by greed and total control. There are some very rich, powerful, and influential people that could have his ear. Billionaire financier Micheal Bloomberg, Everytown, and Moms Demand Action try very hard to continue to erode our constitutionally protected rights. All while hiding behind their private “armed” security forces. Elitism at it’s finest, as well as hypocritical. As gun owners we are constantly being harassed by those that do not support our right to lawful self defense. New legislation is already in the works, that will do nothing to penalize criminals, but will turn lawful gun owners into felons. Their bright ideas of saving lives is to tax gun owners into compliance. This is bad for those with lower incomes and for those in urban environments.

One thing that isn’t being discussed by those that want to control our guns. Is how gun control disproportionally effects women and those of color. They always forget to mention how many times a firearm is used in a lawful defensive manner by women to save their own lives. A firearm is a tool, it does not have feelings, it does not fire unless proper steps are taken. They do NOT kill people. They are used more for good than they ever are for bad. So why try to ban them? It’s all about control. The government knows that they can’t impose any Marxist/Communist ideals on an armed populace. There is a crisis of ideals right now. We as private citizens are at risk, especially women. The gun is the equalizer, it levels the playing field for a woman that weighs 130 lbs against that 200 lb attacker. Many times women are with their children and the only saving grace is their concealed handgun. It really could be a matter of life or death.

Starting in Oregon next month, they are decriminalizing meth and heroin possession. It is my prediction that it will lead to higher person to person crimes. This again will make women vulnerable. As society continues to devolve, the need for our firearms will increase, especially for women. If we look at the data our firearms are used in defense between 2 and 4 million times annually. That statistic comes directly from the FBI. The FBI also states that women use a firearm nearly 250k times annually to save their lives. This is all without a majority of the users firing a shot. It shows that the real value of our firearms is as a deterrent. Aggressive posture, Training, and confidence will help ensure the women in your life do not become a statistic.

box of re-loaded bullets

In a defensive situation we will revert to our most basic form of training. As a Company our specialty is women’s firearm training. Since the very beginning we have focused solely on women’s empowerment. We currently average 80-100 women trained per month with handguns. It is our goal to prepare women in the event that they are ever attacked. We are trying to add value to our local communities by having lawfully, trained women, armed while in public.. The greatest gift that we can give the women in our lives, is the gift of self defense. Women do not need a man for this. They just need a little coaching and encouragement. Once they are comfortable and understand the principles around carrying a gun concealed, that is where the growth happens. We teach them how it is their responsibility to defend themselves and their families, not the government’s.

This is why women have to reject any further gun control measures. These bad bills will render them helpless and do nothing to save lives. It will turn you all into targets. We really need the women involved in the fight for our gun rights going forward. Women can speak more eloquently about the adversity that they could face going forward if we are disarmed. Women can speak to how vulnerable this could make them and their families. All new pending legislation, state and federal would effect us more than criminals. Criminals by nature do not follow the law and I’m not sure why our elected officials don’t understand this premise? I believe truly that they want to disarm us. Evil intentions disguised as being in the best interest of the public. We reject this failed notion, we will NOT be turned into felons by the stroke of a pen. We won’t comply!! We WILL get involved, we WILL continue to buy firearms, ammunition, and train. We WILL exercise our rights and we WILL protect ourselves and our families. We DO NOT seek your approval, we already have it. It was ratified  in 1791. Till next time, get involved and be safe!!


A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.