We started offering a new type of class this month. It is a Couples Training class. It’s a class that we have been toying with for some time. . The only issue that we previously had was range capacity. Until as of late we haven’t had the ability to offer this class where we normally teach. We are lucky to have a new venue where we can offer more and intensive types of training. We are looking forward to training more diverse groups and also to open it up to couples. In many areas families are their only first responders. Being able to assign tasks, communicate, and work as a team are becoming increasingly important.

In rural parts of the state there is very little law enforcement presence. As new drug laws go into effect, I hope I’m wrong, but we will most likely see an uptick in person to person crimes. Criminals may go out into rural areas to look for easy things to steal, that they can sell quickly to feed their drug habits. Often they could be in teams.  What keeps them honest is the fact that there is a larger percentage of lawful gun owners in the country. Firearms serve many purposes in the country. Target practice, varmint control, hunting, and lawful self defense. It is my belief that the AR15 is a valid tool for all of the previously mentioned tasks. Effective range, intimidation factor and Magazine capacity are important traits for this type of platforms. A pump action shotgun would be an another important tool. No matter where you live, having a gun, having a plan, and knowing what to do in an emergency, should be high on your list of priorities.

What is important to think about is how you and your partner would react if put in a violent confrontation. Do you know what you would do? Do you have roles assigned? Do you know how to access your firearm quickly and quietly? Do you have access to a light? Do you know what is cover or concealment inside of your home? Do you know where your kids are sleeping? These are important questions to know the answer to. If you don’t know or can’t honestly answer these questions, training will help. All best laid plans will fall apart in a Defensive situation. Adrenaline, chaos, and fear of the unknown can make your plans fall apart. What will you do then?

The goal for our new classes as well as any other classes that we teach, is  to put out a prepared citizen. Just because you have a CHL or CFP and are trained does NOT give you the right to “shoot” someone. Following the laws and acting appropriately in different situations is important for us as a training company. The publics safety is a priority for us from families to children. We cover it all!! As parents you have a duty to defend your family. Knowing what to do and when to do it is important. Training will help with this. We hope to  help you with a family safety plan. This will involve role assignments, a plan for communication, and the ability to deal with the threat until it is either stopped or under control. Law enforcement contact will be an important component to your family’s safety plan.

    Part of our couples training is to give each a task, with both individuals perform as a team. This is something that can be replicated and the roles can also be reversed. While men typically would take the lead role as the protector in a defensive situation. It’s important to empower the women to take the lead role as well. I think it is also important to know how each others firearm functions. My advice is ammunition in similar calibers. That way in a dire situation ammo will work in each gun. Being able to interchange the available ammunition could come down to a life or death situation. Standardizing equipment for training and the ability for each partner to engage seamlessly is a valid point. Trust in your equipment and your mental preparation will help you develop an edge in a deadly encounter. Your family is depending on you when seconds count and the cops are not on their way. This is another reason we must reject any further gun control. Any further regulation will make it almost impossible to protect our families.

Training side by side is fun, teaches important skills, and instills confidence in each others abilities. This builds trust and helps prevent unnecessary risks in a violent encounter. One parent would investigate and identify the threat. The other parent would get to the kids, hide in place, and call 911. Keeping the children quiet, safe, and protected should be high priority. Proper planning, attention to details, and training will help ensure your family’s safety. We can help. A trained, armed, and prepared citizenry is a responsibility that we should all try to be. Those 27 words speak to the importance of this. Until next time, be safe!

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.