The biggest component to being responsibly armed is having the mindset focused on preparation. This blog post will discuss what it is to be prepared. Preparedness is a mindset and a lifestyle. As gun owners, we incorporate a firearm into our daily routines to mitigate risk. I hope this post will spark thoughts into any gaps you may have in your life. It may be redundant for some because they might already be practicing in their lives. What we need to realize is we are on a precipice, we are on the edge of increased violence and division. Being prepared for the future is critical. We are witnessing the collapse of the Republic. We have an activist judicial system. Crimes are not being prosecuted and there seem to be two different sets of laws. There is justice for the average person and then there is a set of laws for the elites. This is a dangerous situation for the average person who carries a gun every day for personal protection. Will I go to jail if I defend myself? This is an important question to answer and most likely will be “yes.”

As the Republic continues to crumble it is important to set your life up in a way that you and your family can be self-reliant. The government is not coming, we are on our own! You should have at a minimum three different firearms. A quality handgun that you can conceal carry, a pump action shotgun, and an AR-15. This is the bare minimum and many of us have much more than that. You should also have a large selection of standard capacity 30 round magazines and a bulk supply of ammunition for each. The firearms give you the ability to defend the home and protect your preps. When the Republic finally crumbles society will be divided into a few camps. There will be the “haves” and the “have-nots.” There will be those who are prepared and there will be those who believe that the government will save the day for them. This will be a dangerous time. You will see civil unrest like we have yet to see. There will be violence in the streets, there will be looting, and there will be panic. If you set your life up appropriately, you will be ahead of the curve and you will have time to prepare for the next steps.

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It would be a good idea to have at least 3 – 6 months of food and water stored. If the grid goes down having the ability to power your household with a backup generator will be key. If we learned anything from 2020, toilet paper will be an important prep. You can also have things that you can use to barter with. Backyard animals like chicken and quail for eggs or meat should be on your list of preps as well. Comms is important as well, having the ability to communicate with your circle of friends should be a priority. You will also need to decide if you are going to bug out or bug in. Depending on the situation it may be safer to get out of the urban environments. We already have a plan for what we would do, you just need to figure out what makes the most sense for you and your family. Armor and medical would be a good asset to your family. Having the ability to stop rounds and the ability to treat any wounds would be high on the list.

If you do decide to bug in, fortifying your home would be important. Solid, secure doors and good locks will help you buy time to keep people out. Outdoor lighting is another good deterrent for potential looters. Dogs act as an early warning system as well. Fences and gates do really make good neighbors and act as a buffer to keep people at a distance. Space is always your friend and can help you de-escalate a situation. If someone were to make it inside of your home the likelihood it could turn violent goes up exponentially. Preventing unwanted access to your home and your family is high on your list of preparations. A husband and wife team that is equally armed is a force multiplier. I highly encourage both of you to be on the same page when it comes to setting your life for preparation. Household finances and budgets will dictate your level of preparedness.

In my own life, I look at my level of preparedness as if I were paying my insurance. I pay my insurance every month hoping that I don’t have to make a claim. This is the same concept for my preparation. When the violence starts it is too late to start preparing. When the grid goes down it will also be too late to start stocking up on food. This is why if you start shifting your mindset ahead of future events that seem to be getting closer to becoming a reality, you will be setting your family up for success. I hope that we as a country heal but, I do not have a lot of trust in who is in charge or their agenda. So at the end of the day, I will bet on myself and not the government. I will prepare accordingly because my life matters and the ones around me are worth protecting. Until next time. Be safe!