We often get a lot of questions about why you teach Oregon and Utah Concealed Carry classes. This typically is from those who may need to become more familiar with the process. In this blog post, I want to break it all down in a way that is easier for you, the reader why we teach an Oregon concealed carry class and a Utah concealed carry class. Plus the differences between them both. We primarily start with an Oregon concealed carry class. This is required training under ORS (Oregon Revised Statute) for anyone who would like to be able to apply for a CHL (Concealed Handgun License) in the state of Oregon. In this class, we talk about gun safety and popular handguns for concealed carry. We also cover holster selection and lastly Oregon law. We do cover federal law as well. In this class, you can expect to learn how to load and unload a semi-automatic handgun, plus other tips that will help keep you safe in public. We do focus heavily on GFZ (Gun Free Zones), which are a killer because 94% of all mass killings happen in a GRZ. It is our goal to help you become an asset to society, not a liability. Your safety really depends on your ability to incorporate a firearm into your daily routine. It is that important.

What we mean by being an asset to society, doesn’t mean that you just “start” shooting if ever put in a dangerous situation. We always stress that the CHL is not a “license” to kill but merely gives you the ability to conceal a firearm without a criminal penalty. The best gunfight that you could ever get into, is the one that you could avoid. In our Oregon concealed carry class we cover situational awareness, which can help you de-escalate a situation because you may be able to avoid the threat altogether. This comes through training and practice. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your skills. Your skills will come through education, new experiences, and repetition. It all starts with that first class. We also cover home preparation, security, and how best to keep your children safe with our partnership with the Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation. This organization teaches gun safety classes for children and we encourage you to check them out for all of your kid’s safety needs. We do believe, depending on your budget. Every American citizen should have a quality semi-automatic handgun, a pump-action shotgun, and a semi-automatic, AR-15-style rifle. These 3 different platforms, all serve different purposes, but ensure that you can defend your family inside of your home. Ammo selection is also an important topic that we cover in our Oregon concealed carry class.

Red and black training pistol in foam-lined case.

Once we finish with the Oregon part of the class, we take a short break and then dive into the Utah CFP (Concealed Firearm Permit) portion of the class. In this class, we cover more safety information and lead into Utah law. What is important to note about this class is that this is strictly Utah law. Which will only cover you if you are in Utah. What this permit offers you is the ability to conceal carry in up to 34 states because of how stringent their background check process is. The benefit of the Utah CFP for most Oregon residents is the ability to cross state lines and go into Washington with a concealed handgun. You have to follow Washington law, but this is why the Oregon and Utah concealed carry classes that we offer are so popular. Once registered and you attend these classes you meet all of the training requirements in one night.

You will then have 2 permits, the Oregon CHL is issued by the county sheriff, in the county where you reside. The CHL is good for 4 years. The Utah CFP is issued by the Utah BCI (Bureau of Criminal Investigation) which is good for 5 years. The cost for Oregon is $115 and the cost for Utah is $63.25 respectively. You can find a complete list of all of the classes that we offer on our website. You can also sign up through our calendar. Feel free to ever reach out if you have any questions. There is also a blog that will help educate you on this nuanced topic of concealed carry. We hope that all of the information that we provide empowers you to see the importance of your god-given lawful right to self-defense. It’s not law enforcement’s job it is YOURS! Plan and train accordingly, it is going to get worse before it ever gets better.

Until next time. Be Safe!